Services Overview

Based on the industry experience of its members, Meeza Group is committed to increasing the productivity of our customers' businesses. From business security management to managed operation services, we support your most crucial technology requirements.

Outsourcing Services

As your company grows, it becomes necessary to ensure its scalability. We understand that. To achieve scalability, Meeza Group offers outsourcing services in various fields of the IT and business technology industry.

Training Services

At Meeza Group, we believe in performing above and beyond expectations to ensure all questions are answered. This is the driving force which pushes us to find the right fit for our partners, and call upon the right people to take on such tasks. Meeza Group provides training on technologies and on how to manage them, including ITIL, CISCO video conferencing, and network security.

Service Management

Meeza Group has detailed expertise in business and technology to bridge the gap between the two for you. This knowledge enables us to provide consulting services in a wide variety of fields. We offer support and consulting with all our services and soluion to be certain that the customer is not left out after the original service is rendered.

Professional Services

Whether you need help in the implementation of a technology to roll your company forward, or simply need some consultation, Meeza Group can help you get there. We provide a vast range of services and services that add to the value of your business and aid you in reaching your goals.

Managed Operations

If resources for an endeavor you are pursuing are out of reach, you can rely on Meeza Group to secure them for you. From pre-sales planning, to the implementation of the projects, we are behind our clients to make sure transitions between phases are as smooth as possible.

Preventive Maintenance

Everyone wants to make sure their equipment runs as long as possible. Trust Meeza Group to see to that. We specialize in preventive maintenance, ensuring that your audio-video teleconferencing gear stays in shape.